Offering moral and social support to fellow Ugandans living in the State of Oklahoma.

         The purposes for which the organization is formed are:  

  1. Offer moral and social support to one another as Ugandans living in the State of Oklahoma, both in good and bad times.

a)     Good times shall consist of entertainment, ceremonies, and celebrations such as weddings, baby showers, graduations, birthdays, Christmas, and New Years Day.

b)     Bad times shall consist of:

i.                 The death of an immediate family member such as a father, mother, son, daughter, spouse, and / or anyone who raised the affected member(s) as a parent;

ii.               An accident;

iii.             An illness or sickness; and

iv.             Where necessary, in case of losing a job and / or imprisonment.

c)     OUC shall offer the above support to member(s) through prayer, physical presence, financial contributions, and communication.

d)     OUC Executive Leadership shall not be involved in planning and organizing a member’s form of celebration or ceremony or entertainment.

e)     However, member(s) are free to approach any Ugandan, whether the Ugandan is an officer or not and ask for assistance in his / her endeavors in a timely manner.

  1. Build good and meaningful relationships with other Ugandans living in other States besides the State of Oklahoma in a manner that OUC Executive Leadership shall deem fit.
  2. Promote Uganda’s heritage. The organization shall accomplish this by having a:

a)     Uganda Traditional Day during which OUC shall celebrate Uganda’s Independence Day and educate people about Uganda through ways that OUC Executive Leadership shall deem fit.

b)     Youth Day and Back to School Festival. These events shall be aimed at involving sons and daughters of Ugandans and adult Ugandans in the organization, and encourage them about the importance of education.

c)     Get-Together Day. On this day, Ugandans shall all meet irrespective of their beliefs to:

                                                    i.     Have a thanksgiving service to thank God for what He has done for the community of Ugandans living in the State of Oklahoma.

                                                  ii.     Have a memorial service to remember all the relatives and close friends of Ugandans who died